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Commercial Photography

Our commercial photography experience has been acquired through taking thousands of product and services images over many years. We collaborate with our clients to ascertain their requirements and afterwards we analyse the results.

Below is a reflection of some of our experience. Note: we don't like writing lots of stuff on websites (because people generally don't like reading - hence the power and value of photography) but if you are considering investing in commercial photography, we believe these few paragraphs may help you.

Most commercial images fall into one of two categories i.e. 'product' or 'lifestyle'.

Product photographs are often simple accurate images, specifically tasked at portraying the item in a manner which is clear and pleasing to the viewer. It cannot be over-emphasised how crucial 'clear' and 'pleasing' is, as subtle differences in how a product is photographed and displayed, can have a very significant impact on sales.

Lifestyle photographs depict the product in a manner or setting that evokes a more emotional response from the viewer and thereby connects the product to their lifestyle aspirations e.g. sporty, fashionable, healthy, beautiful, functionality, etc.

Both types of photograph are important to maximise the sales of your products but a balance needs to be met between style and substance. Usually this means a few lifestyle photographs to attract the attention and interest of the viewer (the style), accompanied by simple but more detailed photographs of your products (the substance).

As a rule of thumb, 'style' attracts interest and 'substance' attracts sales.

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